I find a great deal of joy and fulfillment in my work with children, adolescents, and young adults. Naturally, I work with families as well, if indicated. I consider it a privilege and honor to work with these young people, who have their whole lives ahead of them, and want to see them thrive. I practice Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) and related therapies (see link to Areas of Practice). Numerous clinical trials have shown that CBT is either primary, or an integral part of, best-practice, first-line treatment for a range of psychiatric disorders (e.g., anxiety disorders), medical conditions with psychological components (e.g., pain management), and psychological problems (e.g., relational problems). For more information about CBT, see:

My therapeutic approach is EMPATHIC, COLLABORATIVE, INDIVIDUALIZED, EFFECTIVE, and  FOCUSED. I believe in:

A WARM COLLABORATIVE THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE: I strive to establish a strong collaborative relationship with my client, grounded in warmth and mutually positive regard, respect, and confidence. A strong therapeutic alliance is essential to the success of treatment. I believe that, fundamentally, each client has the resources within herself/himself to achieve the treatment goals that we work together to define.  The client’s confidence in me derives from a range of factors including, but not limited to, my empathic stance, therapeutic competence, and the effectiveness of the treatment.

INDIVIDUALIZED TREATMENT: The client and I work together to tailor and individualize her/his treatment. Each client is unique…in personality, abilities and strengths, needs and vulnerabilities, psychological and social circumstances, and the set of symptoms he/she is experiencing. It perhaps goes without saying that each client’s treatment plan must also be uniquely developed within the core parameters of the treatment.

TREATMENTS THAT WORK: Clients deserve the very best treatments available. I am deeply committed to providing evidence-based, best-practice interventions. Fortunately, over recent decades, significant progress has been made in identifying the treatments that work best for a range of psychiatric disorders and psychological problems…and exciting research is ongoing. I have had, and continue to pursue, advanced training in the most current, state-of-the-art treatments – treatments known to be the most effective. I also strive to stay informed about the latest research.

FOCUSED TREATMENT: The treatment approaches that I use, although flexible within core treatment parameters, typically have a defined time-frame. This approach helps to focus the mind, therapeutic “momentum” is established more quickly, and change is achieved earlier in the process. As importantly, relapse prevention and other topics relevant to the client’s future are addressed as part of the treatment plan. 

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